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Originally from the sunny Gold Coast, a 30-year creative career has seen Bel’s talents stretch far and wide. Bel’s passport boasts frequent visits to the UK, USA, France, Canada, Germany, Japan and Hong Kong – such is the diversity of and repeat collaborations with her clients.

Following on from a highly successful career as a Creative Director and Designer, Bel cut her teeth as a Tabletop Director in Paris, spending three years working intensively with some of the world’s best food stylists, predominantly Emmanuel Turiot best known for his long collaboration with Food Film, and Marlene Dispoto who possesses one of the most influential culinary styles in Paris. 

The techniques Bel developed in Europe allows a natural extension to her palette and inspiration as a designer. Her storytelling with food, further plays into her desire to always deliver an authentic, visually striking brand message.

Since returning to Australia Bel has directed food spots for Tupperware, The Coffee Club, Aldi and Lite n’ Easy.

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