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At HAPPY we help our clients create, design and build innovative television commercials and online content. Our producers and directors are also actively involved in feature film and drama projects.


We are dynamic and agile, able to adapt and take advantage of new opportunities and new technology. Encouraging innovation by challenging boundaries is at the heart of what we do.

We are real, we are honest, we say what needs to be said, good and bad, we listen and are open to feedback. We trust, respect and have confidence in each other and work together with one purpose



Executive Producer

Co-owner and co-founder of HAPPY, Angela produces TVC’s, features and short films, has coordinated multiple feature films and has diplomas in production design, screen production and acting. She was also instrumental in the launch and implementation of film production software company Showtools. Which we use, because it's extremely useful.




Senior Producer


In a career spanning four decades, Aussie native Craig Sinclair has amassed an encyclopaedic production experience in a variety of genres (television commercials, feature films, TV dramas, documentaries) while serving in several different on-set capacities such as producer, line producer, UPM, assistant director, production manager, and location manager. 


Clint G.png



Clint plays bass. He’s the anchor of the band. No seriously he was in a rock band and a pretty darn good one. During several years of touring the country with his band he began producing and directing music videos. Before he knew it he had worked with some of the biggest artists in Australia, resulting in a love for the filmmaking process and a pivot to freelancing for production companies. He’s had his hand in some of the most extensive TVC shoots this town has seen and with over 50 shoots with Miles Murphy alone, he’s now more than happy to dedicate his talents to being  a HAPPY producer.



Head of Development

Angela has a successful international career in business, finance and technology. After returning from living abroad she rediscovered her love of acting and film and immersed herself into building Brisbane’s premier acting studio from the ground up. During this time Angela brought some of Australia's and the world's most esteemed acting coaches to Brisbane including Larry Moss, Elizabeth Kemp, Welker White and Damien Young, Scott Williams and Anthony Brandon Wong. Having achieved incredible success in this business she has now turned her talents to producing long form content. Angela is a vital part of the team at HAPPY as Head of Development.


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