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Examples SLINKI - Set Link Integration 


Slinki is bespoke remote filming technology designed and built by Slinki enables anyone with a designated private link to watch and listen to multiple camera and sound feeds beamed from our film sets (to and from anywhere in the world). 


Our Slinki operator can switch the viewer between multiple camera and sound feeds depending on the requirement of the day. For example, if a shoot has two, three or four production cameras, the viewer can see all of these cameras as well as a witness camera (if required) simultaneously. On a more simple shoot, it will be one main camera and one witness camera. The witness camera would generally be a wide angle shot of the entire film set so the viewer can have an appreciation of the overall physicality of what is happening on set.


Slinki was designed with the idea that a director can also view and direct remotely. The director’s advocate on set can also use a mobile camera so even closer detail of the set can be explored. It’s the next best thing to being there. Audio feeds for this camera can also be activated if a remote director needs to talk directly to talent. 


Slinki allows viewers to view a live feed with very little latency. Although of course we have the ability to play back as well as required.


Our Slinki operator simply creates a streaming link to an app of preference. Apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meets can then generate a link which can be shared with viewers to watch on any device. 

Examples of use


Other than the typical studio or house location shoots we have used Slinki in some unusual situations. For a Subway shoot we filmed on a New Zealand alpine lake surrounded by the Southern Alps mountain range. On this occasion Slinki was on the camera barge and the images were beamed to a post production house in Brisbane so the client could view the action as it unfolded. We had a similar set up in Northern NSW for Uncle Tobys, with talent in a canoe, crew/production/agency and client across several barges in the same river and additional client and agency watching from a boardroom in Sydney.


We’ve had Slinki in the boot of the new Porsche Tycan as it traveled the road and streets of the Gold Coast. On this occasion the client and agency were able to view the interior scenes of the Porsche via their cell phones and tablets whilst in following vehicles. 

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